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OBSKÜRE (01/06)

D-SIDE (01/06)

ELEGY (02/06)

MCD (03/06)

TRAX (04/06)


With this DVD, the re-discovery of the underground french scene takes a new turn. It’s probably the most important view we have never seen, upon a specific musical scene during a specific period. With more than forty videos from the eighties, RVB-TRANSFERT allows remembering to the most interesting independant bands, from the famous to the more obscur ones.
Surely some images are dated, with a low-fi minimalism which smells good the first half of the eighties, between art video, experimental work or more classical stuffs. But the hugest interest of this DVD is probably not having established a hierarchy between the groups and the different musical styles ; this project is a great work on memory.
(D-SIDE news - 12/05)

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